Vocational Education

Our works on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)   includes:

  • Assessing employability of engineering graduates, including skills and job readiness in Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand, 2018
  • A Strategic document on providing insights into the talent landscape in Odisha, including employability and skills gaps, 2017
  • Analyzing the status and trends of apprenticeships in indigenous tribal communities of Odisha, 2016
  • A study on the various skill development initiatives for physically disable youths in India, SSI, 2014
  • Evaluating the employability of graduates in Odisha, Jharkhand and Bihar, 2016
  • Assessing the skilling and employability landscape in Odisha, Telengana and Andhra Pradesh, 2018
  • Mapping the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) ecosystem in KBK region of Odisha, 2019
  • Status of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in urban areas of Odisha, 2019
  • Assessing the implementation of skill development initiatives in Jharkhand, Bihar and Odisha, 2017
  • Analyzing the link between higher education and employability in Odisha and Chhatisgarh, 2019

SRADHA’s Works with World Bank Group:

The World Bank Global survey to assess state of ASM communities two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – (SRADHA conducted the survey in India and Nepal along with 32 partner organizations collecting data in 30 countries from August to October 2022). (https://delvedatabase.org/news/world-bank-delve-launch-global-survey-to-assess-state-of-asm-communities-two-years-since-the-start-of-the-covid-19-pandemic)

Core Business Focus:

Vocational Education and Skill Development: SRADHA has a primary focus on vocational education and skill development. This includes a dedicated portfolio of projects, research, and initiatives aimed at enhancing skills, employability, and entrepreneurship.

Research and Consultancy in Education Sector: SRADHA has specialized expertise in conducting research and providing consultancy services in the education sector, particularly in vocational and technical education. This includes our past engagements with educational institutions, government bodies, and international organizations.

TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training): SRADHA has a core business emphasis on TVET programs, showcasing a history of successfully designing, implementing, or evaluating technical and vocational education initiatives.

Policy Advocacy and Advisory: SRADHA has strong involvement in policy advocacy and advisory roles related to vocational education. This involves contributing to the development of policies, strategies, and frameworks for enhancing skill development at the national or regional level.

Inclusive Education and Equity: SRADHA has demonstrated commitment to inclusive education and equity in skill development, with a focus on addressing the needs of diverse populations, including women and marginalized communities.

Years in Business:

Established Track Record: SRADHA is a well-established firm with a proven track record of successful project implementations and positive outcomes in the field of vocational education and skill development.

Years of Relevant Experience: SRADHA is 18 years in business, with a focus on vocational education and related research activities.

Successful Project Portfolios: SRADHA has successfully delivered projects of similar scope and complexity. Here we showcase relevant projects that demonstrate our expertise in conducting national-level diagnostic needs assessments and similar research initiatives.

Financial Stability: SRADHA has a solid financial standing, as evidenced by a healthy annual turnover and the ability to manage the financial aspects of a project of this magnitude.

Professional Network: SRADHA has a robust professional network within the vocational education and training sector, including collaborations with educational institutions, government bodies, and industry stakeholders.

Collaboration with Multilateral Institutions: SRADHA has a strong experience in collaborating with multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank, and other international development organizations, showcasing the firm’s ability to work on projects with global significance.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation: SRADHA has demonstrated adaptability and a commitment to continuous learning, ensuring evolving trends, policies, and best practices in vocational education and skill development.

SRADHA has a team with diverse skills and expertise. Below are the key staff designations, qualifications, and expertise required for this assignment:

Project Leader:

Designation: Project Leader

Qualifications: Ph.D in Management (NIBM, Pune) PG Diploma in Management (NIBM, Pune), MA, M. Phil from Delhi School of Economics (DU).


  • Above 20 years of demonstrable experience in leading and managing large-scale research or educational projects.
  • Comprehensive understanding of vocational education and skill development in India.
  • Proven experience in strategic planning, project management, and stakeholder engagement.

Domain Expert / Expert Advisor:

Designation: Domain Expert / Expert Advisor

Qualifications: MA in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, DU.


  • 10 years of expertise in the vocational education and skill development sector.
  • In-depth knowledge of the landscape of Industrial Training Institutions (ITIs) in India.
  • Strong understanding of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) policies and practices.

Project Manager:

Designation: Project Manager

Qualifications: Master’s Degree Public Administration.


  • 16 years of demonstrable experience in project management related to education or research.
  • Proven ability to coordinate and oversee project activities, ensuring timely delivery of milestones.
  • Familiarity with monitoring and evaluation practices in the education sector.

Research Lead:

Designation: Research Lead

Qualifications: Master in Social Work  and BA in Vocational Education), Utkal University.


  • 10 years of demonstrable experience in leading research initiatives.
  • Strong background in primary research methodologies and survey design.
  • Familiarity with the vocational education and training sector.

Data Analysis Lead:

Designation: Data Analysis Lead

Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Statistics (Utkal University).


  • 10 years of demonstrable experience in data analysis and synthesis.
  • Proficiency in using statistical tools for data interpretation.
  • Previous experience in analyzing education sector data.

Inclusive Education and Equity Specialist:

  • Designation: Inclusive Education and Equity Specialist
    • Qualifications: Master in Women Studies (Utkal).
    • Expertise: Demonstrated knowledge of inclusive education and equity in skill development, with a focus on marginalized communities.

]Governance and Administration Expert:

  • Designation: Governance and Administration Expert
    • Qualifications: MA in public administration (Utkal).

Expertise: 7 years experience of governance and administration practices in educational institutions.