Substance Use Prevention

Our mission is to contribute to peace and security, human rights and development by making our country and the region safer from drugs, crime, corruption and violent extremism and to build just, inclusive and resilient communities that leave no one behind. Our interventions focus on human rights, protection of children, gender equality, empowerment of women and youth.


Substance Use Prevention

–       Improved prevention, treatment and care
–       Effective justice responses to trafficking
–       Greater access to controlled medication for those in need
–       Sustainable alternatives to illicit drug cultivation strengthen the capacity of local community-based organizations to deliver services for children and young adolescents at risk of using drugs

Crime Prevention

·       Preventing crime
·       Assistance for victims
·       Educating school children and youth on prevention of cybercrime
·       Research on analysis and monitoring of trends


–       Strengthened legal, policy and institutional frameworks to counter corruption
–       Increased cooperation among and between institutions at the local, district, state and national levels to prevent and counter corruption
–       Educating stakeholders on the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) review mechanism recommendations

Prevention of violent extremism

–       Engaging youth to prevent violent extremism
–       Advocating for the application of human rights compliant measures to prevent terrorism and protect its victims
–       Design and implement programmes in vulnerable communities to prevent and counter violent extremism


–       Strengthened access to justice for all, particularly the most vulnerable
– Effective, community and knowledge-based crime prevention
– Better prevention of violence and increased access to gender responsive justice
– Strengthened prevention of and responses to violence against children
– Reforms to ensure safe and humane custody of prisoners

Our Strategies:

  • SRADHA, as a resource support agency, has been working with local community-based organizations in drug use prevention and treatment, care and rehabilitation, having staff trained on the CHILD curriculum and implementing activities for children with HIV prevention, treatment, care and support among people who use drugs and people in prison to ensure quality HIV services that are tailored to their needs.
  • Developing and implementing evidence-based and gender-responsive HIV services for people in prison
  • Designing and implementing peer-to-peer HIV services and programmes for people who use drugs
  • Developing sustainable partnerships with law enforcement officials and the health sector to facilitate access to HIV prevention and care services for people who use drugs and people in prison
  • Implementing evidence-based substance use prevention activities for and with youth
  • Engaged with youthteachersparents, and othercommunity stakeholderstoimplementprevention and awareness-raising activities in schools and communities
  • Our Child Intervention for Living Drug-Free (CHILD) Curriculum provides treatment providers with the tools they need to identify, assess, and treat children with substance use disorders (SUDs) using age-appropriate interventions and methodologies.

SRADHA runs programmes and training courses, tailored for specific target groups:

  • Training Course on Drug Counseling Skills: to build the knowledge base of service providers, including Counselors, Social Workers, Outreach Workers of treatment centers. The course includes interactive theoretical sessions and one week field placement in reputed treatment centers. The broad contents of the course are – Basics of Addiction, Motivation and Counseling, Community-Based interventions, Outreach and Awareness Creation.
  • Training Course on Drug Abuse Prevention. 
  • Training Course on Drug Abuse Prevention by the National Institute of Social Defence and Regional Resource Training Center.