Managerial Capacity

Organization’s Management Structure

  • The top management of SRADHA consists of – the Governing Body
  • SRADHA’s Board is responsible tasks like hire and supervises the Executive Director, develop and approve budgets, etc.
  • The day-to-day decisions are taken care of by the executive director and the staff members. The Executive Director reports to the Board.
  • SRADHA has a professional team of 21 full-time staffs and 25 consultants from various thematic areas like research, training, policy advocacy from disciplines like Sociology, Economics, Public Health, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, political studies, etc; about 60 percent are women who fall into research, training, administration, publicity and programs.
  • Administrative activities are led by an administrative manager.
  • Programme activities are led by a Program Director/Chief Investigator assisted by thematic specialists and supporting staffs.
  • There is a Monitoring and Evaluation Committee of thematic experts.
  • SRADHA has a financial management team headed by a full-time financial officer.  The annual audit is done by an external certified Chartered Accountant.

Managerial Capacity:

  • The chief investigator is a specialist in field research having a Ph. D level degree and above 18 years experience in the assigned research theme who will be assisted by another thematic specialist and a research assistant.
  • We have a team of 5 trainers having 5-10 years experience to train ground survey staff in specific assignments in collaboration with our client agency, 2 Field Coordinators, 8 data collection supervisors having 5-10 years experience who supervise ground survey staff and monitor the progress in data collection, help in problem solving. We have a team of 50 trained field level investigators having 5-10 years experience who can communicate in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Odia, and Bengali having 5 to 10 years of experience in field level survey
  • We have 5 data editors (for consistency check and data cleaning expertise), 7 data processing staff, and 5 primary and secondary data analysts.
  • We hire, train and engage additional staffs whenever required for large scale surveys.