Indigenous Youth

  • Climate Resilient Agriculture engaging indigenous youth in 3 KBK region of Odisha
    • Mitigating the impact of climate change on indigenous people is our flagship project
    • Climate change impact on the health of indigenous people
    • SRADHA as a lead organization ensures that indigenous youth are empowered as decision-makers to protect their language, identity, ownership, and intellectual property right on their art, cultural products, and livelihood therefrom and capacitate younger generation preserving and sustaining the culture of their ancestors. To strengthen its mission, SRADHA, together with its local partners, is engaged in the continuous orientation of indigenous youth (men and women) through information, education and communication programs on policies, agendas, and programs of the government, non-government, indigenous people’s organizations and UN agencies concerning indigenous people and communicating their responses to the wider world and enabling them to speak and advocate for themselves.